Complex Personhood

what I hear about myself in my horoscopes

In this portion of found materials, I have selected 3 horoscope notifications based off of my birth chart, a reading of my birth chart, and a horoscope of mine. Why is that important at all? Well, horoscopes/birth charts are quite literally an amalgamation of who I am. There is almost nothing more found-poem-y than your birth chart, right? All the stars coming together to make you? This is important to the face poem because I definitely believe that my birth chart contributes to who I am. On some days, I'm more of a Capricorn moon, so my Costar app is telling me to be cognizant that other people aren't as organized as I (think) I am. On other days, I'm more of a Pisces sun, so my horoscope tells me to stop crying.  Enlarge the first video below to see my birth chart for yourself.