Complex Personhood

What is complex personhood?

Complex Personhood is defied as "a term used to describe the idea that individuals have multiple identities, experiences, pedagogies, values, and thoughts – that may even seem contradictory or antagonistic."

Here, in this project, I am the poem. In other words, my face is the found poem pulled together from primary sources/found sources that ultimately inform who I am as a person. Click on my face to navigate the poem.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 9.10.43 PM.png

Hello all - my name is AJ Addae and I am a found poem. You don't believe me? Click on sections of my face (left eye, bottom corner of my ear, lips, nose) to navigate the found materials. The idea here, is that the things that contribute to who I am, make one giant found poem - me - and you're here to explore it. Like people, poems don't always make sense. Like poems, people don't always make sense. That's why complex personhood is an idea, as listed above. That's also why I selected found materials that contribute to the overall poem, which is me. However, even the found materials won't always make sense. You might see some of them contradict, or some of them make sense, or not be as much of importance to you, but they are important to me in some way. Navigate with care. And bear with me, because you're in for a ride!

Also. Quite literally, here is the found poem:


AJ's eyes

AJ's nose

AJ's lips

AJ's ears

-AJ Addae

Now go and explore!